Answers To Your Questions On Child Support

When parents split up, they know that their children will have a difficult time adjusting. But adults may make the transition easier by staying civil, coming to an agreement on how to raise the children and making sure to have the youngsters' best interests in mind. Research implies that when both parents remain actively involved in a child's life, the children do better in school, have higher self-confidence and a better chance of succeeding.

A big factor figuring in this picture is child support. We at Madigan and Scott, Inc., understand family law issues and will help you determine whether you qualify for child support. We're knowledgeable, devoted and decisive in assisting divorcing northern Virginia residents.

We Understand Sensitive Child Support Matters

Divorcing parents often wonder how they will overcome financial setbacks when a household's income takes a hit. You worry about your kids and whether you can still afford the lifestyle that your family has been accustomed to. How will you pay for things such as food, clothing, shelter, health insurance, education expenses, child care expenses and extracurricular activities?

The answer, in part, is child support. In Virginia, child support amount is based on two things: the income of the separated parents and the average amount an intact family spends on its children. The parent who lives with the children is entitled to child support — the court-ordered payment to help with the costs of raising a child. These are sensitive matters, and you need lawyers who will listen to you. That's us at Madigan and Scott, Inc., in Springfield. We will advocate for you.

We Can Seek Post-Divorce Modifications

We also know that child support modifications may be necessary due to life changes. We can solve your concerns and revisit a judge's child support order. Among the circumstances that may warrant a modification could include:

  • Changes in a child's needs related to education or health
  • Income changes; perhaps a parent has lost a job or experienced a reduction in earnings and can no longer meet support obligations
  • Family structure changes if one parent has remarried

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