Lemon Law

Nothing is more frustrating than buying a new car or truck that turns out to be a lemon. Fortunately for people in this situation, Virginia's lemon law provides a remedy. You can get your money back, adjusted for your fair use of the vehicle.

At Madigan and Scott, Inc., we have helped many car, truck and SUV owners get relief through the Virginia lemon law. We may be able to help you recover the tens of thousands of dollars you have tied up in a defective vehicle.

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How Virginia's Lemon Law Works

You may be eligible for relief under the lemon law if one or more of these conditions are true:

  • Your vehicle has been in the shop for 30 or more days in the first 18 months after it was titled to you.
  • The dealer attempted to repair a dangerous condition two or more times.
  • The dealer attempted to repair a nondangerous condition three or more times.

The lemon law applies only to noncommercial vehicles.

Our attorneys can evaluate your situation and take action to recoup all or a portion of:

  • The cost of your vehicle
  • The costs of your repairs beyond those covered by your warranty
  • Your car insurance premiums

Attorney's Fees Paid

When we succeed on your behalf, the car dealer must pay your attorney's fees. This makes pursuing a lemon law claim attractive if your case qualifies under the Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act.

When a car dealer sells you a lemon, it can feel like you are a victim of fraud. You do not have to suffer the loss of thousands of your hard-earned dollars. Our team will fight to recover your financial losses.

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