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What is Virginia's "Lemon Law"?

Virginian residents like you may have heard of "lemon cars" before. These are (usually new) vehicles that often have some sort of design flaw or defect that prevents it from running as intended. Madigan & Scott, Inc., is here to help if you've found yourself stuck with a lemon.

The first thing to understand is that Virginia's Lemon Law usually applies to new vehicles. However, there are some conditions in which it may also apply to used cars. In all cases, however, the cars cannot be commercial vehicles. This means buses, taxis, and big-rigs are usually exempt. The vehicle must also have been purchased by an individual and not a government agency. In short, you'll have better luck if your own personal vehicle has turned out to be a lemon, rather than a company car.

Under Virginia's Lemon Law, you're able to seek compensation for the money you spent. Just keep in mind that costs will usually be adjusted for "fair use" of your car, meaning the wear-and-tear you put on it while it was in your possession will often be deducted from the amount you get back. On the plus side, our attorneys will fight to get you back the money you lost in expensive repairs in addition to the price of the vehicle itself.

You don't have to suffer with a huge loss of money just because your car turned out to be a lemon. Take a look at our webpage discussing Virginia's Lemon Law, linked here. After you've read up on the topic, you can speak to an attorney to see if this law applies to your unique case.

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