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Co-parenting during summer vacation

Once school ends, people may look forward to spending quality time with their kids in Virginia. When parents are divorced, it may take careful planning to make sure they each get plenty of time with the kids.

It is a good idea for parents to start thinking about summer vacation before the school year ends. Divorce magazine says people should put together a summer parenting plan so the entire family is on the same page. This plan should usually include which camps the kids will go to, as well as rules for summer activities. Parents may also want to discuss rules for out-of-state and international travel. It is a good idea to consider how long vacations should be, who will keep the kids' passports and how often the kids should contact the other parent while on vacation. Additionally, if people know they want to travel on certain dates, they should let their ex-spouse know as soon as possible.

It is important for parents to remember that kids may have their own plans for the summer. According to Parenting.com, people may want to talk to their kids to see what they want to do during the summer. Some older children may want to spend a lot of time with their friends, while other kids might want to attend summer camp. It is a good idea for parents to put their kids first, even if the children have different plans from their parents.  

Additionally, it is recommended that parents work together peacefully as they put together summer plans. Some people may worry about dividing their children's time so they each get an equal number of weekends and vacations with the kids. However, it is important for people to let their children have fun with the other parent and focus on the quality of the time they have with the kids and not the quantity.


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