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July 2019 Archives

You bought a lemon; what do you do now?

It may have been an honest mistake on the part of the dealer, or it may have been a deliberate attempt to pass off damaged goods. Whatever the circumstances, you bought a car in Virginia that turns out to have been defective, and now you are wondering what to do next. At Madigan and Scott, we know how frustrating this situation can be.

Virginia man avoids additional charges with DUI no contest plea

Two men, a 45-year-old passenger and a 40-year-old driver, sustained injury last October in a crash in Roanoke, Virginia. A tractor-trailer struck the side of the SUV in which the two men were riding after the driver of the SUV reportedly failed to yield to a yellow light. As a result, his passenger required hospitalization for approximately five months, one of which he reportedly spent in a coma. Initially, the SUV driver faced charges of felony DUI maiming due to his passenger's injuries in addition to charges of driving while intoxicated.

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