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The role technology plays in divorce

Severing ties with your spouse may prove more difficult, especially in this technology-driven age. While some of these advances may benefit you during and after divorce, some may prove detrimental.

Understanding the impact of technology on your divorce may help you avoid some of the common pitfalls. Staying away from some behavior may aid in your divorce efforts.

Social media divorces

You probably have at least one social media account, and your spouse may still have access to it. Even if you have dropped him or her as a contact, you likely have mutual friends appearing on both your pages. Engaging in a social media divorce includes giving vital information on this shared platform. Things like reasons for your divorce, wrongdoing on the part of your spouse and lavish spending on your part may wind up backfiring when your spouse becomes privy to what you say through those mutual friends. The best course of action is to not mention your current status anywhere on your social media accounts.

Tracking methods on shared accounts

You and your spouse may still share a cellphone account, and part of that may include real-time tracking. You do not want to start abstractly using the GPS function on your phone to find out where your spouse is and surmise what he or she is doing there. Instead, attempt get your own cellphone account. This will also stop you from peeking at the numbers your spouse calls or texts on a regular basis.

Apps that may help post-divorce

Some technology may actually help you and your spouse co-parent or communicate post-divorce. Shared apps that include calendar features may help organize your parenting plan components in one place. If there is a conflict on one side or the other, the app may alert the other party so the two can work towards an amicable resolution in advance.

Minimizing negativity during divorce and after offers you the best chance of coming through the process. Stress may still present itself, but minimizing this may wind up serving you better in the short and long haul.

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