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September 2019 Archives

DUI decrease attributed to new driving simulator

Drunk driving is a factor in one-third of all traffic fatalities in the United States, including Virginia. States are looking for ways to decrease the incidence of drunk driving fatalities, citing ride-sharing services and law enforcement campaigns as examples of measures that may have had some positive effect. 

How can you prevent accidents in winter weather?

Winter weather in Virginia can be unpredictably varied, especially in the northern portions of the state. It is entirely possible that you may need to face the hazard of driving in winter weather. Even if you can avoid winter weather in Virginia, your travel plans may take you out of state where snow and ice could potentially pose an even greater threat.

Important estate planning considerations amid divorce

When you marry someone and then create an estate plan, chances are, the person you married will play a key role in that plan. However, certain life events may lead you to reconsider just how much of a say this person has in your personal affairs. If navigating your way through a recent divorce, your estate plan, too, may need to undergo review.

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