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Family law disagreements and their long-term impact on kids

When parents divorce, the kids can suffer mentally and emotionally. To minimize the potential negative impact of their family law choices, Virginia parents may try and reach a beneficial custody arrangement that provides access to both of them and as much continuity of lifestyle as possible. In some situations, parents are not able to work together peacefully, and as a result, parental alienation may take place.

Parental alienation is something that happens when one parent does things to sabotage the relationship the kids have with the other parent. This type of manipulation can harm a child's perception of a parent, ultimately undermining the entire parent-child relationship and the role of the parent in the life of his or her children. There is evidence that alienation can have long-term impacts or even permanently alter an important relationship.

Alienation can happen in many ways. It often occurs when one parent says negative things or interferes with the other parent's visitation time over an extended period. It also happens when one parent prevents the other from attending events, contacting the child and having a consistent presence. Eventually, this can cause a mental shift in the mind of a child, causing him or her to resent the alienated parent. 

If a Virginia parent suspects that parental alienation is taking place, it is reasonable to reach out to an experienced family law attorney. There are steps that a concerned parent can take to put a stop to unfair treatment and preserve parental rights. If there is a suspicion of this type of manipulative treatment, it may help to start by seeking an explanation of the legal options available. 

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