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Is it the right time to make a move with a real estate purchase?

When a Virginia resident is considering a home purchase, he or she may worry about whether this is the right time to move forward with that process. Before moving forward, it is in the interests of the buyer to consider the market, the economy and other things that could impact his or her long-term interests. A real estate purchase is a significant investment, and due diligence can help a buyer avoid various types of complications.

Finalizing a real estate purchase before the end of the year

As the end of the year approaches, potential Virginia home buyers are less likely to try and make an offer. The holiday season can be busy, and for many, the thought of also trying to make a real estate purchase at this point in the year may not seem practical. In reality, it may actually make sense to try and buy a house before the calendar rolls over to 2020. 

What does an easement mean for my property?

Some home purchases come with a surprise hidden in the deed. Most of the time, small contractual matters are no big deal for buyers in Virginia. However, you may understandably want to know how it affects you if you buy a home and later find out there is an easement attached to the property.

What repairs must a landlord make inside a rental unit?

Tenants and landlords in Virginia each have rights and responsibilities to fulfill in accordance with the rental agreement. According to FindLaw, one of the most important responsibilities you have as a landlord is to keep your rental property in a habitable condition; this includes each individual unit as well as the building(s) at large. 

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