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Understanding Virginia Lemon Law: Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, you can discover

  • What Virginia Lemon Law is and how it works.
  • How to know if your vehicle is a lemon.
  • When to bring an experienced attorney into your lemon law claim.

What Is Virginia Lemon Law & How Does It Work?

Virginia Lemon Law, also known as the Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act, requires the manufacturer to repurchase your car if it meets certain criteria. The car must have been repaired unsuccessfully for the same issue three or more times, and the manufacturer must be given one more opportunity to fix the issue. If the issue remains unfixed, the car can be considered a lemon, and the manufacturer must repurchase it for you at what you paid for it – a less reasonable use of the vehicle.

How Do I Know If My Vehicle Is A Lemon? Do All Problems Or Repairs Qualify?

Not all problems or repairs qualify for the Virginia Lemon Law. A car is considered a lemon if the same issue has been unsuccessfully repaired three or more times, and the manufacturer has been given one more opportunity to fix it, but the issue remains. In addition, if a dangerous repair attempt has been made and the issue remains, then it only needs to happen once for the car to qualify as a lemon.

If A Vehicle Owner Suspects That They Have Made A Lemon Purchase, When Should They Bring In An Attorney?

As soon as a vehicle owner believes they have a lemon, they should contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can help the client identify whether they actually have a lemon law case or not and can provide information on what it will take to litigate a lemon law case. The Virginia Lemon Law clearly states that if the minimum repair attempts have been met, the manufacturer must buy the vehicle back, so once a case qualifies, it is essentially won.

What Can Our Firm Do To Help Vehicle Owners Who Are In This Situation?

Our firm can help clients identify whether they have a lemon law case and provide guidance on litigating it. What sets us apart is our experience with these cases, as very few attorneys in Virginia handle lemon law cases. Our attorneys have significant experience handling these types of cases and can provide knowledgeable and effective representation for clients.

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